How to review the MediaWiki Math extension

For more than 10 years, Wikipedia has hoped that browsers will become smarter and support MathML. This way, wikipages that contain mathematical text have a much nicer layout.

According to (,
"As of January 2003, we have TeX markup for mathematical formulas on Wikipedia. It generates either PNG images or simple HTML markup, depending on user preferences and the complexity of the expression. In the future, as more browsers are smarter, it will be able to generate enhanced HTML or even MathML in many cases."

This year in September, Gabriel Wicke, Peter Krautzberger and I developed a new rendering mode for the Math extension.This supports a generation of MathML with SVG Fallback for disabled browsers.

Unfortunately, this new rendering mode cannot be used for production because the code needs to be reviewed. For almost 3 months, very little review activities have happened. For instance, in Wikipedia, until this code gets reviewed, high quality math will only be displayed with PNG images. This is much worse than the much nicer rescalable MathML rendering of mathematics.

To prevent the project from failing, we need you to review our code changes.
Plesae, Find in the attached document, a short summary how to you can help us by reviewing this version of the Math extension.
It's a small effort, but it will help protect millions of people every day from viewing ugly PNG images of mathematical formulae.