Results of Formulasearchengine @NTCIR 10

The formulasearchengine team (FSE) submitted 373 results in the category formula search(FS) and 244 results in the category formula search(FT).

In the category FS 290/373 results were judged. 106 of the evaluated results were regarded as (partially) relevant. Thus the precission (relevant/submitted) results evaluates to 28,4% for formula search which is rank 2 of 13 submitted result sets.
The details for this task can be found at FS.

NTCIR10 Math

Formulasearch now has a pilot task at the NTCIR conference, which is (beside TREC) one of the worlds leading Information Retrieval conferences.
Even thogh the pilot task takes place the very first time more than 15 teams form all over the world have registerd. Six of them have submitted results and will join the final event in Tokyo (Japan) this summer.