texvccheck: use texvc as input verification only.

texvc the input language for formulae in wikipedia has become familiar to wide user range of wikipedia editors. Texvc accepts a selection of LaTeX commands augmented with customized macros as user input. In some cases the input is transformed to html or mathml. But in the majority texvc creates a LaTeX document that is rendered via latex to dvi and then converted to an image. The intermediate tex, dvi and aux files are cleaned up accessible after the conversion is completed.


TeX Toknizer

The TeX Tokenizer is based on the standard java tokenizer and transforms a TeX string to a multiset of tokens discoverd in the text. It is also used to transofrm TeXQuers as e.g. \sum\qvar{p}_{n}\qvar{a}_{n} to a so called TeX-Filter. A similar function transform Presentation MathML to a multiset of Presentation MathML tokens. (see PMML-Tokenizer) import java.util.StringTokenizer;