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en>Mr. Stradivarius
m (Changed protection level of Template:Ns has subpages: Highly visible template: allow template editors ([Edit=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only template editors and admins] (indefinite)))
en>Mr. Stradivarius
(convert this to use Module:Ns has subpages - this gets the subpage status directly from MediaWiki, avoiding the need to update the template when namespaces change)
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{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}#switch: {{ {{{|safesubst:}}}NAMESPACE: {{{1|{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}FULLPAGENAME}}}}}:Foo }}
{{<includeonly>safesubst:</includeonly>#invoke:Ns has subpages|main}}<noinclude>
|{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}ns:0}}
|{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}ns:File}}
|{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}ns:MediaWiki}}
|{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}ns:Category}} =
<!-- Categories go on the /doc subpage and interwikis go on Wikidata. -->

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{{#invoke:Ns has subpages|main}} {{#invoke:documentation|main|_content={{ {{#invoke:documentation|contentTitle}}}}}}