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Template:Sister Template:Tocright Bar or BAR may refer to:

Food and drink

  • Bar (establishment), a retail establishment that serves alcoholic beverages; also the counter at which drinks are served
  • Dessert bar, a type of cookie


  • Bar (law), the division of a courtroom between working and public areas; the process of qualifying to practice law; or the legal profession
  • Bar association, a professional body of lawyers
  • Bar examination, a test for lawyers

Science and computing

Media and entertainment



  • Bar Refaeli (born 1985), Israeli model
  • Ellen Bar, New York City Ballet soloist
  • Moshe Bar (investor) (born 1971), Israeli technologist, author, investor and entrepreneur
  • Moshe Bar (neuroscientist), neuroscientist, associate professor in psychiatry and radiology, and director of the Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory at Harvard Medical School
  • Shirley Temple Bar, drag queen from Dublin, Ireland
  • Haim Bar (born 1954), Israeli footballer
  • Amos Bar (1931–2011), Israeli author, teacher, and editor
  • Israel Bar (1912–1966), convicted of espionage by Israel in 1961
  • Walter Bar (born 1938), Swiss fencer
  • Shlomo Bar (born 1943), Israeli musician, composer, and social activist
  • Alon Bar (born 1966), Israeli/American filmmaker
  • Sergiu Bar (born 1980), Romanian footballer
  • Zvi Bar (born 1935)
  • Noma Bar (born 1973), Graphic Designer
  • Bar, a patronymic prefix in Aramaic and Hebrew



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