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Duncan Ball's Selby Series includes a variety of characters - human and non-human.


Selby the Talking Dog is a fictional character in the book series Selby. "Selby" is "the only talking dog in Australia and, perhaps, the world. He is also called 'The Down-Under Wonderdog.'"

Dr. and Mrs. Trifle got Selby from the RSPCA when he was a puppy. One day Selby learned how to talk by watching Hearthwarm Heath on TV. Hearthwarm Heath is about a butler who worked in a huge mansion.

Selby keeps the skill a secret because he doesn't want to be the Trifles' servant or be examined by scientists. He also doesn't want to be kidnapped and he prefers privacy. However, one of Selby's weaknesses is jokes. If Selby laughs then people would know that he is a laughing dog and understands English. Selby is also claimed to be a fake name and nobody knows Selby's real name.

Selby likes watching TV and he occasionally reads the newspaper, the Bogusville Banner. He also likes to answer his emails but he NEVER gives his real name. He also likes writing poetry, including one that stopped Bogusville.

His size is "not too big and not too small." His fur colour is yellow and his breed is a "Bitser - a bit of this and a bit of that."

Selby's worst enemies are Willy and Billy, two naughty boys who are the sons of the hateful Aunt Jetty. He also has another enemy, Mrs. Trifle's Cousin Wilhelmina, who can't stand Selby.

Selby's favourite food is "Peanut Prawns," prawns with peanut sauce. It can be found in Bogusville's The Spicy Onion Restaurant, owned by Phil Philpott. Selby's least favorite food is Dry Mouth Dog Biscuits, created in Poshfield. The Trifles think that he loves them but in fact he doesn't.

Selby's Favourite Expressions

  • "Oh woe woe woe" (When things are going bad.)
  • "Oh no!" (When they're going worse.)

Love Life

Selby falls in love very easily and has fallen in love with many of the characters in the series. His most notorious "affair" was with actress Bonnie Blake. But this turned out to have been just a dream sequence.

Mrs. Trifle

Mrs. Clarabel Trifle is a fictional character in the Selby Book Series. She is currently the mayor of Bogusville.

Mrs. Trifle was born in Dondingalong and has a younger sister, Aunt Jetty. Her chocovan buscuits are delicious.

Dr. Trifle

Doctor Edison Einstein Trifle is a fictional character in the book series Selby. Dr. Trifle is an inventor. His nickname is Blinky, which is used in several stories. He is 1435 "Ups" (a unit of measure he invented) tall and weighs 34 "Grobs" (another unit of measure he invented).

Dr. Trifle was born in Bogusville to the absent-minded inventors of "The Bouncing Shoe." When Trifle was only one year old, his mother was teaching him the alphabet. When she got up to C, young Trifle said, "A + B = C" (A play on the Pythagoras Theorem ). According to Selby's Selection, "this mathematical equation is one of the most important ones ever discovered and had been used ever since". Dr. Trifle is a genius but has problems tying his shoelace so he invented a shoelace-tying machine. When he was using this machine in a supermarket, a woman (Mrs. Trifle) bumped into him and they fell in love instantly.

Inventions of Dr. Trifle

  • Code-writing machine for the military
  • Shoelace tying machine
  • Potato peel replacer
  • NICE (Not ice)

And others...

Aunt Jetty

Jetty is a fictional character in the Selby Book Series. She is the younger sister to Mrs. Trifle, and she hates Selby. She has two sons, Willy and Billy.

Postie Paterson

Poseidon "Postie" Paterson (better known as "Postie" Paterson or even just "Postie") is Bogusville's postman and keeper of the Bogusville Zoo in the Selby Book Series.

Postie likes looking after animals and delivering the mail. He likes everyone, except those with messy handwriting and people who don't write their postcodes.

Postie was born at sea during a storm. Postie's mother was the captain of a container ship and named him Poseidon, after the Greek god of the sea. When Postie was young, he had after-school jobs, delivering newspapers, groceries and flowers.

Once he was flying a plane over a rainforest in South America when his plane crashed. Six months later Postie found his way out of the rainforest and with him were numerous animals.

Cousin Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina "Wil" is Mrs. Trifle's cousin, and works at the dog show. She picks on Selby, calling him dumb and all, and doesn't like him, and thinks of him as a nuisance. Selby just can't stand to be around her, either, and hates it when she stays at the Trifles. She recently found an IQ test answered by Selby and thinks he's intelligent in Selby's IQ in the book Selby Surfs.

Gary Gaggs

Gary Gaggs is a comedian in the Selby Series. He is also said to know quite a bit about stamps.

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