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Someone with a basic knowledge of setting up a website should be able to complete the process in a couple of minutes however even basic users should find they are able to complete the installation in around 20 minutes by following the step by step guide online. In fact portfolio Word - Press themes is a smooth and attractive but considerably flawed Word - Press theme in creating simpler to the photographers or designers to develop a specific internet site showcasing their most current perform since it appear modern-day and has fantastic typography and large photographs which would develop an attractive wanting portfolio internet site. Must being, it's beneficial because I don't know about you, but loading an old website on a mobile, having to scroll down, up, and sideways' I find links being clicked and bounced around like I'm on a freaking trampoline. Word - Press is the most popular personal publishing platform which was launched in 2003. Verify whether your company has a team of developers or programmers having hands-on experience and knowledge about all Word - Press concepts.