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According to Weitzenböck's inequality, the area of this triangle is at most Buying, selling and renting HDB and personal residential properties in Singapore are simple and transparent transactions. Although you are not required to engage a real property salesperson (generally often known as a "public listed property developers In singapore agent") to complete these property transactions, chances are you'll think about partaking one if you are not accustomed to the processes concerned.

Professional agents are readily available once you need to discover an condominium for hire in singapore In some cases, landlords will take into account you more favourably in case your agent comes to them than for those who tried to method them by yourself. You need to be careful, nevertheless, as you resolve in your agent. Ensure that the agent you are contemplating working with is registered with the IEA – Institute of Estate Brokers. Whereas it might sound a hassle to you, will probably be worth it in the end. The IEA works by an ordinary algorithm and regulations, so you'll protect yourself in opposition to probably going with a rogue agent who prices you more than they should for his or her service in finding you an residence for lease in singapore.

There isn't any deal too small. Property agents who are keen to find time for any deal even if the commission is small are the ones you want on your aspect. Additionally they present humbleness and might relate with the typical Singaporean higher. Relentlessly pursuing any deal, calling prospects even without being prompted. Even if they get rejected a hundred times, they still come again for more. These are the property brokers who will find consumers what they need eventually, and who would be the most successful in what they do. 4. Honesty and Integrity

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In mathematics, Weitzenböck's inequality, named after Roland Weitzenböck, states that for a triangle of side lengths , , , and area , the following inequality holds:

Equality occurs if and only if the triangle is equilateral. Pedoe's inequality is a generalization of Weitzenböck's inequality.


The proof of this inequality was set as a question in the International Mathematical Olympiad of 1961. Even so, the result is not too difficult to derive using Heron's formula for the area of a triangle:

First method

This method assumes no knowledge of inequalities except that all squares are nonnegative.

and the result follows immediately by taking the positive square root of both sides. From the first inequality we can also see that equality occurs only when and the triangle is equilateral.

Second method

This proof assumes knowledge of the rearrangement inequality and the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality.

As we have used the rearrangement inequality and the arithmetic-geometric mean inequality, equality only occurs when and the triangle is equilateral.

Third method

It can be shown that the area of the inner Napoleon's triangle is:

and therefore greater than or equal to 0.

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  • "Weitzenböck's Inequality," an interactive demonstration by Jay Warendorff - Wolfram Demonstrations Project.