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Note: Due to its public-domain status, the Catholic Encyclopedia can be incorporated into any work, including Wikipedia. When using the material two things should be considered :

  • It was written in the first two decades of the Twentieth Century and many parts are dated
  • It explicitly follows a Catholic point of view


Quick explanation (aide-mémoire)

The template can be placed in different locations and, depending on what is required, the parameters can be mixed and matched:

Location Parameters Example Note
==References== {{Catholic|wstitle=CE name}}  This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: {{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation CitationClass=encyclopaedia


Use wstitle=CE name if the article exists on Wikisource if not use title=CE name
==References== {{Catholic|title=|url=|first=|last=|volume=|page=}}  This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: {{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation CitationClass=encyclopaedia


some additional information: title instead of wstitle, url to the external page instead of link to wikisource; the first and last names of the author of the article, the volume and page [number].
inline citation {{Catholic|inline=1|wstitle=CE name}}  One or more of the preceding sentences incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: {{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation CitationClass=encyclopaedia


inline=1. Alters the prescript from "This article..." to "One or more...". Suitable for noting that a paragraph is copied from CE.
inline citation {{Catholic|prescript=|title=CE name}}  {{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation CitationClass=encyclopaedia


prescript=. Removes the prescript suitable for a citation where a paragraph is a summary of a paragraph from an CE article and not a copy. title= for no copy on Wikisource.
==Further reading== {{Catholic|no-icon=1|prescript=|url=http://...|title=CE name}} citation CitationClass=encyclopaedia


no-icon=1 remove the lead icon, prescript= removes the prescript title= for the article name not yet on Wikisource. url= for where the text can be found online.
==External links== {{Catholic|no-icon=1|prescript=|wstitle=CE name}} citation CitationClass=encyclopaedia


no-icon=1, remove the lead icon prescript= removes the prescript as the source is not used in the article.

Detailed notes

This template is wrapper around {{cite encyclopedia}}. In its default mode it attributes text to an article from the [Old] Catholic Encyclopedia.

This template automatically sets some of the parameters passed into {{cite encyclopedia}} for example "publisher = Robert Appleton Company". Over and above the standard parameter passed into {{cite encyclopedia}} there are some additional parameters and those are listed below in a separate table from the table of parameters passed into {{cite encyclopedia}}.

Minimum is:{{Catholic|title=EB article name}} or {{Catholic|wstitle=EB article name}}[nb 1]

Full set is:{{Catholic|wstitle=|prescript=|no-icon|inline=|author=|last=|first=|authorlink=|coauthors=|title=|url=|accessdate=|volume=|page|pages}}

Additional parameters
Parameter Note
author=author name Assigned to last ignored if last is set.
wstitle=name of the article on wikisource If set, set link to CE article on wikisource, and unsets title and url if they are also set.
inline=1 Changes the default prescript from "This article" to "One or more of the preceding sentences". Useful for inline citations (see inline examples in the previous section).
no-icon=1 Suppresses the lead icon (useful with {{Wikisource-inline}}).
prescript=alternative prescript prescript can either be set to an alternative string of text (in which case add   to the end of the string as a separator from the first word of the citation); or if set with no string it will remove prescript string from in front of the citation.
Parameters passed into {{cite encyclopedia}}
Parameter Set to Notes
last= author= or last= If author= and last= are set the value of last= is used.
first= first= Set to the value of first= or not set
authorlink= authorlink= Set to the value of authorlink= or not set
coauthors= coauthors= Unlikely to be needed but can be set
editor-first= Charles Automatically set within the template
editor-last= Herbermann Automatically set within the template
encyclopedia= Catholic Encyclopedia Automatically set within the template
title= wstitle= or title= Set to wstitle= if set, if not to title=, if not set then left blank.
url= url= Set to the value of url= unless wstitle= is set in which case it is not set.
accessdate= accessdate= Set to the value of accessdate= or not set
language= Not set
edition= Not set
date= Not set (see year)
year= defaults to 1913 If the volume parameter is set then
vol. set to 1 or 2 sets year to 1907
vol. set to 3 or 4 sets year to 1908
vol. set to 5 or 6 sets year to 1909
vol. set to 7, 8 or 9 sets year to 1910
vol. set to 10, 11 or 12 sets year to 1911
vol. set to 13, 14 or 15 sets year to 1912

if volume is not set the default is 1913 but setting the year parameter to some other value overrides the automatic settings.

month= Not set
publisher= Robert Appleton Company automatically set within the template
volume= volume= Set to the value of volume= or not set
location= Not set
id= Not set
isbn= Not set
oclc= Not set
doi= Not set
page= page= Set to the value of page= or not set
pages= pages= Set to the value of pages= or not set
quote= Not set
ref= harv automatically set within the template. It means that {{sfn}} and {{harvnb}} link to this template. (If you need to ask don't worry about it)

Hidden categories

This template includes a hidden category as several hidden sub categories:

See also


  1. It will also work with no parameters, but that set a category flagging that no article name has been given, as it is not much use to the reader to inform them that a Wikipeda article contains some text copied from somewhere in the 15-volumes of the [Old] Catholic Encyclopedia!