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Runcicantitruncated 4-simplex honeycomb
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Type Uniform 4-honeycomb
Schläfli symbol t0,1,2,3{3[5]}
Coxeter–Dynkin diagram Template:CDD
4-face types t0,1,3{33}
Cell types Cuboctahedron

Truncated octahedron
Truncated tetrahedron
Hexagonal prism
Triangular prism

Vertex figure tilted rectangular duopyramid
Symmetry ×2, [[3[5]]]
Properties vertex-transitive

In four-dimensional Euclidean geometry, the runcicantitruncated 4-simplex honeycomb or runcicantitruncated 5-cell honeycomb is a space-filling tessellation honeycomb.

Alternate names

  • Great cycloprismated pentachoric tetracomb
  • Grand prismatodispentachoric tetracomb

Related polytopes and honeycombs

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See also

Regular and uniform honeycombs in 4-space:


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