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User:Xoloz/UBX/Template User Drug-free Template:User Chinese {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Userboxes/Userbox}} Template:Boxboxbottom Welcome to formulasearchengine using 1.37.0-alpha Mediawiki of en. There are 6 articles out of 81,359 of pages in this site.

My major interest is Portal:computer science, Portal:Health and recently, China issues. To be more specific, I am editing:

Proud contributions

Creator of the page of List of Chinese inventions. Believe it nor not, I had to fight hard to justify the existence of this page!


Android Developer Tools:

  • File-> New-> Android application -> from existing code (stored outside workspace!) and choose copy it to your workspace. It cannot retrofit your sample code directory in-place!!
  • Window-> Package Explorer : view projects and their contents

What Matters the Most?


Traditional Chinese medicine todo:

  • manual of human bodies
  • Explanations of common diseases form TCM's point of view
  • Different factions within traditional Chinese medicine
 Just some draft now

Since TCM is a big system with thousands of years, it is not surprising to find out there are different factions within traditional Chinese medicine. And there are always some arguments among them.

  • Chinese Books:




Things beyond or behind societies, humanity, technicals, sciences, .. and so on.


natural science

Computer Science


Factorial, Permutation, Combination

Other random contributions

Template:Internet Access,

Quick notes

tips for apartment renters

I hate to say that it is easy to be ripped of by apartments. Here are some tips:

  • Safety is the first priority. Monitored entry gate is preferred. You may request crime stats about one apartment from the local police station with little fee. Or check online data.
  • Ask about application fee, deposit, water bill, gas bill, reserved parking lot fee, garbage collection fee in addition to regular apartment rent. Those little things may cost you a fortune.
  • Be very, very careful when signing your lease: make sure the rent, the lease term is exactly you agreed. Make copies for all of them especially the supplemental documents of discounts. Take oral promises as absolutely nothing!!
  • Check your unit for everything carefully before move-in, notify the apartment in the formal form and keep it. They may charge you for new damages.
  • Check water pressure if your unit is located in the second floor or above.
  • Check parking lot for good drainage.
  • check the direction of your bedroom. You inner temperature may be very high if your unit is under the direct sun shine in Summer.
  • Delivery move-out notice in time as requested by your lease.


  • The natural aftermath for business ratings? --> personal ratings! Nowadays, we are getting used to have a look at the ratings(reviews, feedbacks) before doing business. How about looking at ratings and reviews of a person before interacting with somebody? Sounds crazy? Maybe not. I predict that in the near future, there will be some huge internet based personal rating sites. And everybody will write reviews for others and looking reviews before meeting someone. Just watch your every behavior then. The persons with 99% percent positive feedback will be hot!
  • Scientific research is now carried out in small groups (an advisor with several students), with very low productivity. There should be some advances in doing research in engineering ways, like software engineering for programming. I'd like to call it research engineering, which targets to large scale, collaborative, controllable research activities dealing with real challenges for human beings. --Leo 19:57, 4 April 2006 (UTC)

My Favorite





  • The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins
  • Personal Finance For Dummies, 5th edition (Paperback), by Eric Tyson (Author) test


backup text

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  return 0;

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