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Hostgator is a large independently possessed hosting business operating from several state of the art centers in Dallas, Texas. Hostgator was founded in 2002, because then they have actually expanded rapidly and currently host over 400,000 websites.

Hostgator offers numerous different hosting packages, and deal with a broad array of customers. From the first time webmaster who needs simple, stress cost-free hosting for their personal website; all the way with to big corporations, who require specialist devoted hosting services.

Hostgator's hosting packages can be split into 3 teams; basic shared hosting plans (suitable for the huge bulk people), reseller hosting strategies (these are generally for people and companies that want to "resell" their account resources to consumers of their own), and lastly committed server strategies (these accounts give client their own server, so they don't have to share its resources with anyone else). Really few of us will every need a devoted server so this testimonial will focus on the shared hosting strategies that Hostgator offer.


Hostgator's 3 major shared hosting plans are named: "Hatchling" (the entry level plan priced at $6.95 / month), "Child" (this is the most popular plan, and it is likely to satisfy the requirements of a really wide range of customers), and "Swamp" (similar as the "Baby" plan, however with increases in bandwidth and disk space, priced at $14.95 / month).

For a complete list of features and a side by side contrast of all hosting strategies you should see Hostgator's website below. Below is a testimonial of the most vital features of the "Baby" strategy, this is most likely the most ideal plan for the majority of users, and it is our favorite plan.

Disk space 100GB - This amount has actually been just recently upgraded by Hostgator from 5GB to a huge 100GB. All users are most likely to discover it impossible to tire this quantity of disk space.

Bandwidth 1000GB/month - Also enhanced is the bandwidth allotment, from 75GB to a relatively extreme 1000GB. Once again virtually absolutely no opportunity of making use of all that, but it's good to understand that you absolutely won't be dealing with additional costs for reviewing your limitation, even if you have an extremely hectic internet site(s).

Website Studio website home builder - This is an excellent free program that permits you to build your site from scratch. You have over 500 design templates and color schemes to select from. You require no HTML experience, or code writing understanding. It provides the most basic possible method of making an expert looking site in a really short area of time. Nonetheless, there is no have to take my word for it, as Hostgator offers us with a trial version of the software application on their internet site!

Unrestricted add-on domains - This truly is the stand out function of this hosting plan (the "Hatchling" strategy just permits 1 domain), and allows you to host as lots of internet sites as you like on a single account, at no additional expense. This permits you to make full use of your massive bandwidth and disk space allowances, and host numerous internet sites at a portion of the regular cost.

99.9 % Uptime guarantee - This generally tells us that Hostgator is a significant host offering a trusted service. If uptime drops below this figure in any provided month then you do not spend for that months hosting, it's as basic as that! We would never ever think about making use of a host that did not provide a strong uptime assurance; this is simply because there is only one great reason why a host will not offer an uptime assurance - undependable uptime!

30 Day money back guarantee - This has become a pretty conventional function in the webhosting community, though it's good to have for added assurance.

Immediate setup - Many hosting providers take 24-48 hours to setup your account however Hostgator guarantees to have you up and running in under 15 minutes (they do not charge a setup charge either)!

Endless MySQL databases - This is really helpful because each Fantastico (see below) script requires its own MySQL database.

Fantastico DeLuxe - This remarkable program permits you to instantly install over 50 scripts through your control board. Scripts include blog sites, forums, galleries, buying carts, and more.

If you cherished this article and also you would like to receive more info pertaining to Hostgator Coupons generously visit our own web site. Unrestricted e-mail accounts - Permits you to have as many, or as few, different email addresses as you like.

It contains numerous features and offers good performance. Best of all, there is a complete working demo on the Hostgator website, so you can test it out yourself!

Customer service and technical support

Hostgator offers us 24/7 phone support, and live online chat. The fact that you are provided 2 options to receive instantaneous technical support at any time of the day is excellent. Our experience has actually always been really good when speaking to Hostgator, their operatives are extremely respectful and most significantly they appear to understand their things when dealing with technical issues.


The efficiency from Hostgator's servers is outstanding! Hostgator location much tighter limitations on the variety of websites sharing the exact same server compared with most various other shared hosting carriers. This offers higher dependability since less stress is put on the servers; and it also greatly enhances the rate at which your web pages run.

Server efficiency is an additional one of the essential areas where Hostgator distinguish themselves from the crowd of various other host.

Our decision

Overall there is so much to such as about the method Hostgator does company, they actually do appear to have a great grasp on what the typical customer requires from a web hosting provider. Rarely do you come across reports of unhappy Hostgator customers, and after hosting with them ourselves we now understand why! At simply $9.95 / month for the "Baby" strategy (which includes limitless domains); anyone looking to host more than one internet site has a rather easy decision to make. Template:Multiple issues

Fig.1 Bose–Einstein condensation at 400, 200, and 50 nanokelvins. The peaks show that as the temperature goes down, more and more atoms "condense" to the same energy level.

Bose–Einstein condensation in networks is a phase transition observed in complex networks that can be described with the same mathematical model as that explaining Bose–Einstein condensation in physics.


In physics, a Bose–Einstein condensate is a state of matter that occurs in certain gases at very low temperatures. Any elementary particle, atom, or molecule, can be classified as one of two types: a boson or a fermion. For example, an electron is a fermion, while a photon or a helium atom is a boson. In quantum mechanics, the energy of a (bound) particle is limited to a set of discrete values, called energy levels. An important characteristic of a fermion is that it obeys the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that no two fermions may occupy the same energy level. Bosons, on the other hand, do not obey the exclusion principle, and any number can exist in the same energy level. As a result, at very low energies (or temperatures), a great majority of the bosons in a Bose gas can be crowded into the lowest energy state, creating a Bose–Einstein condensate.

A Bose–Einstein condensate is therefore a quantum phenomenon characteristic of boson particles. Nevertheless, a similar type of condensation transition can occur also in off-equilibrium classical systems and in particular, complex networks. In this context, a condensation phenomenon occurs when a distribution of a large number of elements in a large number of element classes becomes degenerate, i.e. instead of having an even distribution of elements in the classes, one class (or a few classes) become occupied by a finite fraction of all the elements of the system.

Condensation transitions occur in traffic jams, where long queues of cars are found,[1] in wealth distribution models[2] where a few people might have a finite fraction of all the wealth or in spin glass models.[3] However, the condensation transition in these models cannot in general be mapped to a Bose–Einstein condensation.

A network is characterized by a set of nodes or vertices and a set of links between these nodes. In mathematics, graph theory describes networks in general. The theory of random graphs deals in particular with stochastic networks (networks in which each link is present with a given probability p). A large class of networks that describe real complex systems like the Internet, the world wide web, airport networks or the biological networks of molecular interactions, are described by random networks. Network theory is a recent field of research which investigates methods of characterizing and modeling real complex networks. In particular it has been found that many complex networks have universal features like the small world property and a scale-free degree distribution. The scale-free degree distribution of networks can be caused by the "preferential attachment" mechanism.[4]


In the late 1990s, Ginestra Bianconi was a graduate student, working with Prof. Albert-László Barabási, a noted network theorist.[4] At his request, she began investigating the fitness model, a model in which the network evolves with the "preferential attachment" mechanism but in addition, each node has an intrinsic quality or fitness that describe its ability to acquire new links. For example, in the world wide web each web page has a different content, in social networks different people might have different social skills, in airport networks each airport is connected to cities with unevenly distributed economic activity, etc. It was found that that under certain conditions, a single node could acquire most, if not all of the links in the network, resulting in the network analog of a Bose–Einstein condensate. In particular, a perfect analogy[5] could be drawn between the mathematics of the network and the mathematics of a Bose gas if each node in the network were thought of as an energy level, and each link as a particle. These results have implications for any real situation involving random graphs, including the world wide web, social networks, and financial markets.

The concept

The result of the efforts of Bose and Einstein is the concept of a Bose gas, governed by the Bose–Einstein statistics, which describes the statistical distribution of identical particles with integer spin, now known as bosons (such as the photon and helium-4). In Bose–Einstein statistics, any number of identical bosons can be in the same state. In particular, given an energy state , the number of non-interacting bosons in thermal equilibrium at temperature is given by the Bose occupation number

where the constant is determined by an equation describing the conservation of the number of particles

with being the density of states of the system.

This last equation may lack a solution at low enough temperatures when for . In this case a critical temperature is found such that for the system is in a Bose-Einstein condensed phase and a finite fraction of the bosons are in the ground state.

The density of states depends on the dimensionality of the space. In particular therefore for only in dimensions d>2. Therefore a Bose-Einstein condensation of an ideal Bose gas can only occur for dimensions d>2.

For a uniform three-dimensional Bose gas consisting of non-interacting particles with no apparent internal degrees of freedom, the critical temperature is given by:


 is  the critical temperature,
the particle density,
the mass per boson,
Planck's constant,
the Boltzmann constant, and
the Riemann zeta function; .

Connection with network theory

The evolution of many complex systems, including the World Wide Web, business, and citation networks, is encoded in the dynamic web describing the interactions between the system’s constituents. Despite their irreversible and nonequilibrium nature these networks follow Bose statistics and can undergo Bose–Einstein condensation. Addressing the dynamical properties of these nonequilibrium systems within the framework of equilibrium quantum gases predicts that the “first-mover-advantage,” “fit-get-rich (FGR),” and “winner-takes-all” phenomena observed in competitive systems are thermodynamically distinct phases of the underlying evolving networks.[5]

Fig.2 Schematic illustration of the mapping between the network model and the Bose gas.[5]

Starting from the fitness model, the mapping of a Bose gas to a network can be done by assigning an energy to each node, determined by its fitness through the relation[6]

where . In particular when all the nodes have equal fitness, when instead nodes with different "energy" have very different fitness. We assume that the network evolves through a modified preferential attachment mechanism. At each time a new node i with energy drawn from a probability distribution enters in the network and attach a new link to a node j chosen with probability:

In the mapping to a Bose gas, we assign to every new link linked by preferential attachment to node j a particle in the energy state

The continuum theory predicts that the rate at which links accumulate on node i with "energy " is given by

where indicating the number of links attached to node i that was added to the network at the time step . is the partition function, defined as:

The solution of this differential equation is:

where the dynamic exponent satisfies , plays the role of the chemical potential, satisfying the equation

where is the probability that a node has "energy" and "fitness" . In the limit the occupation number, giving the number of links linked to nodes with "energy" , follows the familiar Bose statistics

The definition of the constant in the network models is surprisingly similar to the definition of the chemical potential in a Bose gas. In particular for probabilities such that for at high enough value of we have a condensation phase transition in the network model. When this occurs, one node, the one with higher fitness acquires a finite fraction of all the links. The Bose–Einstein condensation in complex networks is therefore a topological phase transition after which the network has a star-like dominant structure.

Bose–Einstein phase transition in complex networks

Fig.3 Numerical evidence for Bose–Einstein condensation in a network model.[5]

The mapping of a Bose gas predicts the existence of two distinct phases as a function of the energy distribution. In the fit-get-rich phase, describing the case of uniform fitness, the fitter nodes acquire edges at a higher rate than older but less fit nodes. In the end the fittest node will have the most edges, but the richest node is not the absolute winner, since its share of the edges (i.e. the ratio of its edges to the total number of edges in the system) reduces to zero in the limit of large system sizes (Fig.2(b)). The unexpected outcome of this mapping is the possibility of Bose–Einstein condensation for , when the fittest node acquires a finite fraction of the edges and maintains this share of edges over time (Fig.2(c)).

A representative fitness distribution ρ(η) that leads to a condensations

with λ = 1.

However, the existence of the Bose–Einstein condensation or the fit-get-rich phase does not depend on the temperature or of the system but depends only on the functional form of the fitness distribution of the system. In the end, the falls out of all topologically important quantities. In fact it can be shown that Bose–Einstein condensation exists in the fitness model even without mapping to a Bose gas.[7] A similar gelation can be seen in models with superlinear preferential attachment,[8] however, it is not clear whether this is an accident or a deeper connection lies between this and the fitness model.

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Bose–Einstein condensation in evolutionary models and ecological systems

In evolutionary models each species reproduces proportionally to its fitness. In the infinite alleles model, each mutation generates a new species with a random fitness. This model was studied by the statistician J. F. C. Kingman and is known as the "house of cards" models.[9] Depending on the fitness distribution, the model shows a condensation phase transition. Kingman did not realize that this phase transition could be mapped to a Bose–Einstein condensation. Recently the mapping of this model to a Bose–Einstein condensation was made in the context of a stochastic model for non-neutral ecologies.[10] When the condensation phenomenon in an ecological system occurs, one species becomes dominant and strongly reduces the biodiversity of the system. This phase transition describes a basic stylized mechanism which is responsible for the large impact of invasive species in many ecological systems.

Memory understood as an equilibrium Bose gas

Herbert Fröhlich is the source of the idea that quantum coherent waves could be generated in the biological neural network. His studies claimed to show that with an oscillating charge in a thermal bath, large numbers of quanta may condense into a single state known as a Bose condensate.[11] Already in 1970 Pascual-Leone had shown that memory experiments can be modelled by the Bose–Einstein occupancy model.[12] From this and a large body of other empirical findings (based on studies of EEG and psychometrics) Weiss and Weiss draw the generalized conclusion that memory span can be understood as the quantum number of a harmonic oscillator, where memory is to be mapped into an equilibrium Bose gas.[13]


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